There’s so much to be said on this topic because so much disinformation resulted in such a fundamental misunderstanding of the Lightbearer and the Morning Star, especially the popular equating it to the lesser demonic entity Satan and assuming all motives are negative. The first wrong presumption is that interfacing with the Lightbearer means you are turning away from what you usually prefer to call God or the Light. Quite the contrary. The reason anyone adopts familiar spirits – and there are endless choices of them – is that they serve as an interface between the human side and the higher power beyond which is not human. It’s innate in all things and we derive from it, it’s like the battery or the mothership, but it’s a vast power that goes on infinitely endlessly well beyond the human scope or even the innovative cutting edge of discovery. Adopting a familiar spirit that serves the Light enables you to manage in such an infinite intensity of power and modulate it, find a moderate range of existing between the two worlds, of accepting the mission of the Light in this world. You need some form of communication between the carnal human and the abstract infinite. A guide enables you to interface with serving this higher purpose in your life, by finding a means of communication between the real and the vast and translate that into a new relative reality. The guide is like the translator between finite and infinite which ideally leads to what’s been called the state of grace or cutting edge. One of the biggest protestations from fundamentalist Christians is that anyone on a path like this “thinks they’re God” or is on a massive ego/power trip or is trying to diabolically exercise control. None of this is true. The truth is that on one hand you look beyond to that infinite energy or power or Light and feel a sense of humiity, awareness that you are not at all perfect but an ongoing work in progress and you will need guidance at times and to follow a certain code of honor, and to work in cooperation not domination of other beings in your world But on the other hand, it is an extreme fallacy to think that you do not have a self in your own right, to deny that you are part of the universal power that is known as God and to abdicate all responsibility for your path awaiting a “savior.” This is astronomically lame and it’s not why are here. We are here to gradually rise above our various falls from the original grace and find our way step by step back to that higher orientation because ultimately it is who we are. We were meant to be participants in the universe and co-creators in our own realm. You will never never never escape the ultimate truth that you have a SELF. And you exist in a PROCESS. And you have responsibility for your ACTIONS. If you don’t accept that fact and put both hands up on the wheel, eventually the car will crash.
The answer lies in embracing your self-expression, your creative power, your abilities – in the context of the fate and world that is in front of you. This is your mission of the evolving Light, should you choose to accept it. And that is why it’s helpful to have an interface between inner and outer worlds. Ultimately we are a self + also a part of the infinite universal and we are meant to collaborate in life between our fellow beings and the higher dimension. The balance lies in embracing your rightful power but not seeking to usurp what is not your power. And operating always to the best of your ability in a win/win cooperative approach. You will never escape your own power. Your job is to harness it in service of Light. My mind has always made the association of the balance of power with the twin pillars of Freemasonry. At least in my own mind, I always saw this as a symbol of a fundamental power balance – that which I MUST vs. that which I DARE, the orthodoxy vs. the potential. If you stand between those pillars, you’ll never lose your balance.