So who are the people essentially drawn to this type of path? We’re warriors with insurmountable tenacity and powers to overcome yet at the same time very sensitive dreamers who feel things more deeply than many and take everything to heart and choose to chase a fragile vision rather than embrace the unkindness and mediocrity of this world. We’re endless seekers for something more, something beyond. We’re intense souls who would in this life battle our own personal apocalypse and emerge as warriors who serve the Light, warriors also wanting to be, in one form or another, artists and lovers.
So what is Lucifer? A muse and spirit guide and energy source who improves our ability to understand the Light as it is shown to us in our lives. It can take any number of forms, from a ghost black dog to an Angel of Infinite Abyss to a purely abstract presence. Depends on your symbolism of choice. Personally I see it most as a muse. In my opinion that’s really its true intent. To inspire, to enable you to bring back some of that fire of the Gods with the least amount of collateral damage. I think the truth is that this entity like most other beings in the universe isn’t perfect and is in a continuous refining process, an ascension. It began as the most primitive impulse for fire in the darkness and for a long time functioned a lot like an enfant terrible bull in a China shop. It began as a blind quest for Light. For evolution and a path to a higher order of being. And over many eons it’s been refining itself. The reason the Lightbearer rejected the original religions was a disdain for the tyranny and dogma and oppression that it had become in the human world. It was the knowledge from the very beginning that this is something bigger than religion. That it was something infinite that existed beyond its definitions and dogmas and presumed authorities – and it was impossible to experience it in its infinite nature by imposing any of those things. It was a desire to stay on the cutting edge and it was am awareness of a greater love and a much broader vision for humanity than that of obedient sheep. It was ultimately a realization that although we have fallen, the answer was not in putting our heads in the sand and humbly embracing earth as our rightful penal colony, but in brushing ourselves off and climbing back on the horse we fell off of and trying again – always fully accepting the consequences of that learning process. It was the immediate knowing that sheepdom is a horrible horrible dead end and the universe offers infinitely more. If we had to do it all over again, we’d again take the bite of the apple – and take all the hard knocks to follow – rather than remain a content sheep grazing in a safe but docile garden. America has bitten the apple – then made apple pie. It’s too late to return to an unknowing innocence. Instead it’s our fate that lies ahead to take this ball of hate and love and evil and miracles and distill it in a great alchemical working into a transcendant and rising brave new world.
No matter who you are or how you may now think you have done wrong, the answer is not in beating yourself up but in taking those lessons and that intensity and using it to uplift the new world.

“Sometimes when you’re looking for the light, you’re suddenly devoured by darkness – and then you find the true light.”
– Jack Kerouac