Another big set of misunderstandings is that all of this means that one “worships” Lucifer or expects their self to be “worshipped.”
This is exactly why Lucifer is known as the Iconoclast – it’s really a desire to be rid of this kind of egoistic dogma because all it does is reinforce ego and divisions. It was never meant to be a dogpile of rank. While individual will and liberty is key, equally so is cooperation and love. We are individuals who are also part of a collective or universal. Ultimately all there is is presence. It’s not a totalitarian tyrannical approach. In my opinion to any higher consciousness worship is an ego act and really quite passe. It’s more like being in the universal infinite presence. Your guide(s) are light intelligences and energies who can really do you a great service at times by pointing out the higher ground or the really much more vivid way when you are stuck in some sort of negative funk or stagnation or indecisiveness. It’s just this little flash that brings about this key “aha moment” and then you’re not stuck anymore. This can appear to you any number of ways from the most personalized to the most abstract symbolic. As long as YOU get it because it’s YOUR PATH. So then some will ask why Lucifer if you can choose from so many more pleasant benevolent seeming guides. And the answer is because the Lightbearer is the guide of those who have gone through the fire and seen and experienced the most hardcore then through that drama were enlightened, and saw the Light. But you’ll never undo PTSD by calling it DSTP. There’s a difference between those who have seen that realm of darkness or evil or danger and had to fight a battle from their deepest self to prevail. You’ll never undo the knowledge of all that stuff and you’ll never go back to “normal” suburban type life. You won’t undo that forbidden knowledge of experience. So a rosy-faced shepherd holding a lamb and singing Kumbaya isn’t going to cut it for you and you’re only serving as a huge nasty disturbance when you try to take your presence among those types of people. They’ve been untouched by this madness. Let them be. Go back to your crazy friends and be who you are and go forward with this altered but intense path. It is what it is. And honestly in most corners of the universe, “shit happens.” When it has happened it is what it is and you must embrace its “new normal.” Those are the people for Lucifer. And that’s why Lucifer is like the patron saint of America. Our mission, should we choose to accept it,is to rise above the most terrible into illumination. And we’re hanging on a very critical crossroads right now – between embracing and profiteering from the terrible vs. using it as a stepping stone to worlds much greater which the Lightbearers, after purification through the fire, can offer to humanity as a brave new world. This is our archetype America. It is what it is.