Now most obviously you’re going to first begin to experience an overall intensification of your energies, a sudden more immediate more vital sense of being alive, heightened intelligence, feelings, passion and creativity, the banishment of fears – all fears eventually – and your sexuality is going to put pedal to the metal.  You will have to make some life changes to begin to find out how you can best channel and express it. It will become increasingly more difficult to stagnate – you must find those vital life outlets as well as a good understanding of your true will and life path. This will come with introspection. First key point is to consider that Lucifer might not be for YOU. You can safely file the bringer of light under the category “not for the faint of heart” or “many are called few are chosen”- footnote: reference to Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.” Remember there are endless other paths of life to walk, infinite other entities to befriend, or nothing at all. This is one road to Rome and all the roads in their own way one day will lead to your dolce vita. Also remember that the root and archetype of this big drama is Prometheus, a mortal who stole fire from the Gods in desire to save, evolve and uplift humanity and who then had to pay the piper and found himself chained to a large rock with a chorus of angry Gods singing “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” So Prometheus did his time – amid horrible conditions like starvation and dehydration, the worst exposure to all of the elements, pigeon poop du jour, attacks of armed marauders and wild game – you name it – until he paid the toll. Then because everything without exception in the universe is subject to the law of karma – equal and opposite reaction only – they had to surrender Prometheus back to his own life and free will. And Prometheus accepted his first big life lesson “Go for the gusto – but don’t ignore your head and heart – and if you have a slip-up and make the scales of karma go tilt – take your lumps and don’t whine about it. Then get back in the saddle again.” When you take this road you will immediately have infinite potential at your fingertips – yet at the same time no guarantees at all and almost none of the safeguards the majority who have chosen the conventional path do – but if you win it the ecstasy and adventures that lie ahead are unfathomable. If you’re a true Luciferian you do it because well first of all you’re just plain nuts and have had far too many extreme experiences that make it impossible to re-integrate back to the “normal” world – beyond that because you have the strength, wit, passion, inner tenacity and ultimate ability to take those slams and come back fighting, even after real hardcore stuff that might have you in the fetal position for awhile. But you always regenerate. Because you ASPIRE. Because you DARE. Because ordinary life and ordinary pursuits cannot contain your passions. Because you need to know what lies BEYOND. This once used to be the spirit of America. This is what has been lost. This is what no amount of financial gain or worldly status or power will ever replace.  The divine spark. This is why the system has turned evil and oppressive – because it has sucked the life out of so many. This is why Kerouac hit the road. This was once the heartbeat and pulse born of the collisions of     lives/worlds/galaxies of the greatest lovers and inventors of all time. This is the only way we will save ourselves. Get down on our knees, kick ourselves in the ass, do whatever it takes to wake the hell up. Money doesn’t buy happiness but true happiness builds fortunes.  Let the empire fall. The empire has no clothes. The new rich will be an infinite wealth rising from the ashes of masochist enslavement to the dollar. The new wealth is the endless strength of exalted eternal passions giving birth to rising galaxies and new worlds of unknown potential. Let the empire fall. Let go of the net. Come forward in your faith and secret madness…stare boldly into the sun…fire walk with me into the New Dawn.