Roman Emperor Nero Shows Death Sentence to a Gladiator 1900 Color lithograph

Far from it to suggest that the rapidly snowballing imminent crash of the Obama administration is by any means America’s first rodeo with massive political corruption. Rather, we are all still waiting at the ranch for our first rodeo of innocence and progress. However, I am now reaching an absolute flashpoint where I see our fine puppet-in-chief passing the event horizon of even the lowest levels of human civility attempting to take this already screwed nation down a much deeper slippery slope of imminent doom. #Hash tag DudeThisIsn’tChina! We don’t need a nanny president threatening our lives to be sure we’re all using the right utensils – for our own good then indoctrinating the children that this is all well and good for serving the betterment of the nation not personal selfishness. And we sure as hell don’t need the fascist imploding mindfuck eugenics drama that could be Obamacare. But this doesn’t matter and so the tension continues to mount until one day it will explode – or implode – depending on the collective prevailing mood. We’ve seen every kind of political corruption before until now this radical rulin’ neo-lib neo-fascist punk ass Commie bitch decides he’s going to grab the wheel and steer it all Marxist, heck maybe Stalinist. Maoist?


Yet at the same time, despite what mass media spin would have you believe, this thing actually has nothing to do with race on any level. Probably at first there was sensitivity to not want to seem racist even if you knew you weren’t because it might offend someone, but then it just went down the rabbit hole way too far. I am absolutely certain beyond all reasonable doubt that anyone revving up for the Coming American Shitstorm is even THINKING about skin colors. It’s on the level of a guy reaching a point of being a moron that no man has boldly gone before – and he’s about to crash the plane we’re in. Or it’s like time travelling back to the old 70s variety entertainment contest called The Gong Show, where an act is just so radically overbearing, obnoxious and insipid that it must end and yet for some reason the judges are capering around letting it ride and the audience starts shouting, maybe even some rushing the stage to grab the gong. Or last few minutes of the Superbowl, tied in a dead heat until the last few seconds when your lead player intercepts and runs a wild distance to score a record-setting game-taking TD except right at the last minute instead of crossing the goal line, in the last few seconds, pauses and just straightaway shoves the ball 90 degrees up his own ass. Those are the best analogies I can pull at the moment for one of the greatest natural disasters of all time we are witnessing, the Obama administration. Yet the pressure continues to mount. We don’t know what’s going to happen when it all combusts because we haven’t yet been there. I myself am starting to feel a lot like a spectator of the ancient Gladiator games reaching the point where some sorry shmoe has fought cowardly, poorly, perhaps was even paid to throw the fight, and now within inches of his life you the audience are asked to choose his fate, thumbs up for life and down for death. You do not need to be told. Effortlessly, almost involuntarily you find yourself rising with the angry mob, raising your hand, throwing thumb down and shouting  “Pollice verso!!!” Meaning “thumbs down” or literally polite (up side) down, reversed.  To demand death. Why? Because this warrior has been so weak and cowardly or sinister or mean spirited or moronic or incompetent and so inhuman as to inspire not one nano-second of compassion that you are so completely on all levels bowled over that you must see him dead. And as promptly as possible to put yourself and others out of the personal misery he has inflicted on you. Yep, seriously, I’m not joking. This is where Mr. Obama in his self-possessed neo-fascist fury is taking us as a nation…