The next key attribute of the Lightbearer is an intense even blind drive for liberation. For oneself and for others. If there is one condition Lucifer cannot and will not abide it is any form of tyranny, oppression or denial of liberty. It is like a wildfire force toward absolute freedom and empowerment and it will always assist any worthy being in an earnest quest to be free. This is one main reason the entity is working to unite people now, to overthrow what is going to remain of any attempts to oppress, harm or exploit by would be tyrants. I have always associated Lucifer with something like the entity called V.A.L.I.S. in the Philip K. Dick novel – acronym for “vast active living intelligence system.” This might be an apt way to categorize what this entity or essence is because it essentially energizes and enlightens. In the novel Valis the drama was about the onset of tyrannical dictatorship using every worldly form of oppression conceivable yet how certain key people, acting in unwitting synchronicity, became players in a strategy game that, through interaction with the godhead of light, outsmarted, outran and defeated the empire. The answer was to develop a relationship to this muse and you would through wisdom and events of destiny be shown the way to freedom, very much like Moses leading his followers through the desert to their Promised Land. And this is a key differential between the spirits of Satan and Lucifer – Satan does exactly the opposite and seeks to entrap and oppress. Lucifer seeks to liberate and empower.