Probably the most essential reason individuals seek the intervention of a familiar spirit such as Lucifer is a desire for power. But it’s essential to first be sure you have the right relationship with power. You should be seeking to recover your true power, your path of self-realization, your growing evolution into your energetic personal exaltation and ascension and to use that power toward the positive transformation and evolution of your world. If you are only acting from petty ends – ego, vanity or a desire to dominate others you are operating on a lower and ultimately stifling negative frequency which may bring you some dictator’s or seducer’s riches of the world for a short time but ultimately closes the door to your evolution and entraps you in the restrictions of its negativity. Remember that wnatever energies and intents you are projecting into the world you will also absorb as all is one. And recall one of Aleister Crowley’s key axioms “The word of sin is restriction.” If you restrict yourself to petty negative aims so will you become equally petty and negative. The most important truth such power-seekers fail to realize is that while certainly the acquisition of wealth and self-sovereignty is essential, if you attain them through petty negative means you will never attain the higher state of being that will enable you to open the door to greater innovation and evolution. The ultimate reason to commit to engage and enter adeptship with a universal familiar spirit or muse is to liberate your true will, your true path of destiny and to develop a co-creative relationship with the unknown infinite potentials beyond this world. What has essentially gone wrong with the mostly corrupted “system” of this world is that it was complacent to take only one small bite of the apple, one tiny spark of the eternal vision and use it to acquire worldly wealth and power and then stop…stagnate…immerse in a carnal complacency and shut the door to all infinite potential waiting beyond. Contentedness with becoming the one-eyed king of the blind instead of reuniting with the king of the eternal. And that is the universal light. Lucifer does not seek worship, in fact is known as the iconoclast. The lightbearer is merely a psychopomp, a mercurial messenger between this world and you and all that lies beyond in infinite potential of creation, a co-conspirator who thrives on the adventure and the dare and wants to see this world liberated and claiming its abilities to become and to create a world like that of the gods. But you must do so minus any tendencies toward abuse of power or harm of exploitation of others. Another Crowleyism there “An it harm no man, do as thy wilt.” When you really do that, you engage teh principle of synchronity and your fate connects you with others operating on similar wavelengths and from this a world can assimilate. Then there is an ongoing, even infinte, process of co-creation between self, others and the infinite light. Lucifer is a facilitator of that process. An intelligence, a muse, an energizer, a synthesizer between dimensions and beings. What has gone so wrong in this world is that the original “alpha” individuals who first began to tap this higher power became complacent to use and hold power over the mere mortals – and let go of the cord to the greater reality that lies beyond. And as time went on, they became unable to reconnect with that source and increasingly bored with the now finite ends they could achieve in the world – and eventually they grew destructive. Through an overemphasis on overproduction and power struggles for temporal dominions, they lost their soul and seat of the power of the original creative vital intelligent self. And they became trapped in what became an increasingly immovable drama known as earth. Earth was only meant to be a dream, an existential gateway of experiment and experience, an artistic medium or relativistic framework of God evolving its understanding of itself. We banished ourselves here for forgetting our infinte powers beyond, we entrapped ourselves in excess carnality. When we wake up again – often after extreme ordeal and pain and destruction, we can once again begin to reconnect with that power beyond and become its stewards and co-creators in what becomes a godlike world of infinite potential. The purpose of the familiar spirits is to interact with us in co-creation and ascension – the creative process requires 1. the God/Goddess or initial Light source 2.the psychopomp that assists us in turning that vast infinite potential into a modulated experience and expression and assists in our understanding of who we are becoming  3.we ourselves the mercurial part human part universal being and 4.the world that grounds it, makes it secure and a real workable standard and reminds us who we are as also being human (the part we usually most screw up). When you put those dimensions together as a sort of working biosphere you have the full nature of creation. But no individual actually chooses to work with the Lucifer entity or wavelength. It chooses you. And you can only maintain its collaboration by maintaining a higher quality of energy and following the code of honor. If you aren’t doing that, you are either a poser and totally full of shit – or – you are a deluded non-adept who is actually allied with Satan. I will soon more fully define what that means. Ultimately you cannot use the power of this frequency for ends against the code of honor and if you try to, it simply departs. It’s still essentially a power source, much like turning on a radio. Turn it on to hear music or news but toss it in the bathtub and you have destroyed it because it can not operate in another element, only the one it was created for, where it is natural.