1. Forbidden fruit. It’s no good at all unless it’s entirely forbidden and though hauntingly compelling, involves some type of grave and irreversable bad consequences.

2. It should be increasingly obsessional yet involve bizarre taboos and obstacles that make it just as difficult to pursue as resist.

3. It may lead to a tangled web of other more “grey area” relationships, the implications of which may be socially disruptive and only further complicate an already complex situation.

4. Key family members should be immediately averse to this person and you will realize how much you have been in denial of the extent that you truly despise them.

5. The situation should be high risk, high drama and eventually engage matters of national security.

6. You increasingly find what you think should be a private relationship being made a public commodity and source of popular interference and speculation, with yourself both the target of voyeurs and demonized as public enemy #1.

7. You will waste profound periods of time reviewing songs from which you try to understand complex feelings that will only continue to elude your comprehension.

8. You will have to learn how to exist in a “new normal” of functional insanity, a strange form of both higher and lower consciousness and being that entirely alienates you from the world of practical people and those not in love.

9. You will no longer be able to pursue a purely practical form of existance and your entire fate may be altered in ways not of your choosing. You may find many ways that you aren’t who you thought you were and are entirely someone else.

10. If you can hold on to all of this, it should lead to a new type of existentially wild existance and gratification you will enjoy but never understand and ideally an unexpected spontaneous evolution for society at large. If you can’t then it will be a major crash and burn, longterm deep depression and an inability to ever re-integrate with “normal” society again.