In my opinion, the most compelling approach to modern design is the successful synthesis of an initially unknown, unexpected vital and extraordinary element into the natural scene in a subtle way that is not overdone but has exalted ordinary life through more capable aesthetics and extended the boundaries of possibility of consciousness, feeling, expression and beingness but in a sublime non-obtrusive way that is seamless and doesn’t disrupt the flow. It should never be so sensationalist that you have to search for the functionality because it’s been overwhelmed by dramatic design. Yet it should be innovative and infuse a more creative dimension and heightened sensuality and intellligence into the existential, open some new door into ones understanding of the nature and potentials of experience. I’d compare the art of successful design to something like genetic modification. It only works when the pefect point is found of being able to improve the species yet in a way that will be accepted by and successfully integrated with its nature.  The quality of “cool” is the ability to be daring enough to find that unknown element of awe but also effectively synthesize it into something functional, natural and real – doing so without stress, tension or overly deliberateness, so that there never is any perceived disruption or pretense. When effectively done it’s an essentially Promethian art.