In the above pictures, you can see my personal BassLab model which has classic Jeff Beck jazz pick-ups and an interesting paint job that morphs colors betweens shades of red and copper – and also two pics of reknown Brand X guitarist John Goodsall demonstrating his favorites. Currently both John and the UK band Pocrupine Tree use BassLab, though at this point BassLab lacks the budget to offer mass market endorsement deals. However once that changes, I personally would have no problem at all producing a long list of interested pro level endorsers. The blue and white model is a double-necked guitar and fretless bass.

The idea is to eventually produce three lines of instruments – a pro level, another line featuring a premiere designer’s conceptions appealing more to the art and design worlds and eventually a more commercial mass market (such as Musician’s Friend) lower budget line for the mainstream, especially youth market. We’re looking for a premiere designer who would welcome the challenge to try something new – instrument design – and lending their name to a pop market music extravaganza with massive marketing potential. The designer would provide their own line of instrument designs and receive a lifetime of market royalties from a technology which we expect to eventually smoke the current industry leaders, Fender/Gibson because of its powerfully superior technology.     You get a great opportunity to experiment with an untested design medium, further market promotion and eventually some really big bucks for a very long time. We’re also looking for an investor or investors and a capable marketer and manufacturer. There would be the initial significant expense of building a production facility to adapt Heiko’s hand built instruments to a high quality mass production facility and to establish the product line in the global mass market. But the technology can quickly sell itself and attain full spectrum market dominance because literally it has no rivals. It’s only a matter of getting it into players hands to take that test drive. If you are any of these types of people who might have further interest and would like more info or have questions, feel free to email me at (Monica) and I can provide a lot more detail, even arrange for you to try out a live demo model. BassLab has remained for a long time a well kept secret but its clear its time has come.