Just a short intro to BassLab guitars + basses and a dynamic design and music project that might be of interest to designers, marketers and manufacturers in search of The Next Big Thing…My name is Monica and I spent at least four years promoting BassLab and a series of uber-cutting edge “disruptive technologies” to what I eventually realized was a very stagnant and complacent fat cat music industry relying on easy profits from nostalgic once revolutionary inventions with no willingness to upgrade technologically or in any way rock the boat on a massive comfort zone of easy profits, an industry that across the board, no matter who you talked to, consisted of extreme technological ignorance and no effort at all except a high-spin massive promotional campaign to maintain an old school buyer loyalty to traditional brand names and technology that has never been upgraded since the late 50s. The name of the game is cheap mass production for the fastest easiest profits with no interest at all in the art of music. I was told so much by almost every music company in the world.
Quite literally. I spent approximately 4 years learning the despicable ins and outs of everything Hunter S. Thompson once described as the dark side of the music industry – then found myself facing physical exhaustion and a week in a hospital on an IV before realizing I was fighting a losing battle. I finally just gave up completely. It wasn’t until I found my way to getting a Twitter page that I began to get a look into the design industry which seems to be a lot more progressive and open to new ideas and technologies, in fact thriving on, rather than suppressing them, and in general a lot more intelligent, that I considered the idea of making some communications to this industry to see if there might be more interest.
Although I have no architectural training I also myself produced a book of guitar and bass designs – just sketches, I don’t know thing 1 about mechanical drawings – that BassLab appreciated as possibly being of future use to a mass marketing as opposed to their more custom professional lines of instruments and gear. (End of Part 1 – in Part 2 I will better explain why BassLab is a superior technology and its massive marketing potentials).