Bloom’s actions so far:

1. Spew lots of “politically incorrect” sexist/racist language to offend voters, claim they “misunderstand” his humor – do no damage control. Simulate a violent episode in front of media, as party representative.

2. Publish controversial autobiography with lots of loose cannon off-the-wall “politically incorrect” talk that will confuse and lose more supporters.

3.Insult Princess Diana mourners – great way to maximize number of pissed off public the fastest.

4. Act like insider who is dishing the dirt on how party is emerging as cloned Tory mainstream party, claiming to be whistleblower saving the party – never substantiate it.

Conclusion: this is a paid disinformation agent. The longer you observe his behavior the more obvious it becomes that he does nothing at all but launch a continuous negative media PR assault against the party which is reinforced by his perceived role as credible party insider.