Just some brief comments on this last UKIP article re: the issue of whether or not UKIP is merely a device to divide conservative votes and assure a Milliband win. I myself asked that question well before these recent articles, but have to come to the conclusion that it’s not true because of the extent they are lobbying labour and liberal democratic votes. If they were merely in the election to divide the conservative vote, they would not be lobbying the other side, they would be content to split the conservative vote then leave the labour/liberal side uninterrupted, undivided by not stealing its votes.   They would do nothing at all, allowing it to remain unified for Milliband.  While it’s true they are dividing conservative votes, it also seems plausible enough that they expect their momentum of support to grow rapidly enough that they consider it worthwhile in the long term to not break that momentum even if it means some short term unfavorable election results from remaining independent and not making pacts. So on this count I’m going to have to give them a pass.