So then you’re probably asking “Well how do you know your neighbor     won’t be using that drone to spy on YOU?”…I have no idea totally, but         less concerned because it’s not an air drone, but an on the ground mini tank-like object, looks like a large pair of binoculars with wheels or a remote vacuum cleaner. I’m guessing it films + records but it has to be in physical vicinity of its target, like in the same room or within a certain distance.          The building here is set up with very small hallways and a very steep stairwell for all the floors. There’s no room for the thing to circulate and get within a good distance of doorways. He would have to carry it up my steps and put it in the very small landing space by my door – and if I saw it there I would disable and trash it. It seems to have lenses and a camera and recording gear – I doubt it would work from a long distance like seperate floors.  Yet it doesn’t seem to be intended as a toy. I have no idea what it’s all about, really.