I’m going to put this in the simplest of terms in hopes that I might shed even a nano-second of libertarian light on the clueless. Not being constrained by political correctness or journalistic demands for diplomatic decorum, I hope to be enabled to bring greater clarity. To the politically ignorant who think this is about stubborn politicans preventing desperately needed health care and driving the nation perilously close to default I will try to explain why you need to see a much bigger picture. Using the argument that politicians should argue the finer points later and act now to get Americans badly needed medical care is the equivalent of giving someone dying of thirst a bottle of anti-freeze if it’s the only liquid handy. Yes it will stem their thirst here and now and prevent immediate death by dehydration, but it will also gradually and fatally poison them. Adapting that analogy to the Obamacare dispute means that yes, the plan might provide a means to at least rudimentary health care for those who badly need it, but…it does so with a very dangerous and diabolical catch – it will set a precedent that it is okay for the government to defy the Constitution and take the power that it is not entitled to and legally mandate a citizen to patronize a specific corporation. One of the fundamental definitions of fascism is the alliance of government and big business acting in violation of civil rights for private interests. This legislation is patently illegal and should never have been approved by the Supreme Court. And if it is allowed to be enacted it sets a very dangerous precedent that is against everything this country was founded upon – personal freedom. Once the precedent is set that it is okay for the government to defy the Constitution and forcibly compel citizens to obey orders on how to spend their income because it’s “for the greater good” – how far might they continue to encroach and do you really think we will all agree on exactly what defines “the greater good?” I should probably throw in the reknown Benjamin Franklin quote at this point: “Those who are willing to trade liberty for security deserve neither.” Sorry if I didn’t quote it word for exact word but that’s the gist of it. That no end result justifies any steps into violation of the building blocks of our civil liberties. It is not okay in any way, shape or form to set any degree of precedent allowing the federal government the right to overstep those boudaries. Once that door is opened and legislators are allowed to proceed in that direction we have set the stage for incremental stages of fascism. If you have any modicum of common sense you should already know that your own view of “the greater good” is going to differ quite significantly from that of Congressional corporate fat cats who are mainly in office to fill their own pockets and who will happily continue to push the boundaries on how they can trade your freedom for their own personal gain. The founding fathers knew this and that is why they established such set in stone dogmatic limits on government power. Libertarianism is the insistance that those boundaries are immutable, ironclad, non-negotiable and unalterable. They are eternal absolutes. Ergo, it’s not okay to violate them to any degree because doing so opens that perilous door to tyrrany and totalitarian exploitation. If you are a libertarian, you fully understand this dynamic and are prepared to hunt and gather in the next ice age rather than agree to any type of Constitutional concessions made in a short-sighted “the end is worth the means” mentality. We have no problem with financial co-operatives but they must be voluntary not mandated by the force of state. Surely private business or unions or public interest groups could put together a similar if not better plan. This is not closing the door on economic cooperation, only assuring it remains voluntary and not coerced. If the precedent is set that the government can take this step in beginning to interfere with, surveil and coerce private income, the potential for an already well corrupted and bought and paid for Congress mainly serving  mega-corporate and not public interest to continue to expand these illegal powers endlessly for imperialist gain is infinite. To simplify, this is step 1 on the journey to totalitarian enslavement. Once it’s enabled, there is no turning back. I am not willing to take that journey. Are you?  Barack Obama, in opening that door is literally committing treason.



Addendum:I wrote this a long time ago, reacting mainly as a libertarian to the prospect of govt.mandated public sponsorship of corporate special interests which is certainly fascist and unlawful. As this system has advanced it’s become more clear that it’s not remotely a plan to make healthcare accessible to all of the public but rather a profiteering scheme designed to ration actual healthcare making it increasingly more difficult to access and promote a scheme to pay out more to big corporate while maximize their providing and expending less in actual public care giveout.
It’s also unlawfully totalitarian in its approach to ration care only to those who produce the most economically and taper off care to those presumed less socially productive like the young and elderly and lower income. Quite a lot of covert operations are involved involving what appears to be population reduction and
phasing out those determined less productive and cost effective for business. It’s a scheme to impose public dependency on big bureaucracy for care then manipulate that in countless ways to expand an ongoing bureaucratic power grab. Everything about this
system is covert and flatly criminal and it must be abolished for a new responsible system actually designed to provide competent mass care. The open disregard for public well-being is an extremist and disturbing trend we must being to dismantle.