There is unrest in the forest there is trouble with the trees…or maybe a lot less than you thought. The latest out-of-the-blue story of UK wackiness involves a complex and longterm study being conducted by British scientists and funded by taxpayers on the apparent transexual nature of the common ash tree.  A few fun facts:

1. There are both male and female ash trees.

2. There are hermaphrodite ash trees (both male and female).

3. There is a gradation scale of what degree or percentage of male/female hermaphrodism a particular tree exists upon – thanks to the dedicated world of English scientific research.

4. An ash tree can spontaneously initiate its own organic sex change to morph into any of these possibilities – and change this orientation continuously throughout the its span.

5. You can make a rough gestimate on the sex ratio of a particular tree by observing its leaves and degree of branch forking.

FYI…the PDF is above. And it still beats the hell out of Obamacare.

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