Of course it might be none of this American’s business at all to be commenting on British elections, but nonetheless I’ve lately been following this story for at least no other reason than my own curiosity to understand what makes this highly unique British political party called UKIP tick. The jury is still out re: my opinions on its ultimate motives but one key issue I have no doubts about is the massive elephant (or horse?) in the room named Godfrey Bloom. This situation is too stupid to even merit further debate, it’s what we Americans refer to as a “no brainer.”

Bloom is a loose cannon who has done nothing of value that I’ve observed only blasted off racist and sexist slurs in every media soundbite he can get the attention of. There’s no faster and more effective way to sabotage a political party than to establish yourself in the media and public mindset as racist and sexist. Even if he’s joking and being “a regular bloke” he should have enough basic common sense to know that. If he doesn’t he’s just simply a moron. This issue in and of itself is enough to sink this party. It’s going to be labeled as dodgy and unprofessional and just plain offensive to anyone not the very same type of bloke as Mr. Bloom. The fact that he has made no apologies or further explanations for this behavior – as one must in any political arena to remain in good standing – makes quite clear that he is either an idiot or a saboteur operative. If an idiot then far too unprofessional to be trusted to continue to represent this party. If an operative then clearly having the potential for future harm far more sinister.

Personally I am coming to the opinion that he’s an operative, someone planted in the party by an outside group to pose as a member and implode it from within. Because that’s exactly what his actions will do yet he continues the same behavior. His repeated alienation of women and other ethnic groups is classic counter-intelligence, a tactic known as “divide and conquer” – the deliberate alienation of other groups so they don’t unite and support the cause. Bloom takes no personal responsibility for his inane blowhard behavior, letting it ride and continue to leave more questions for the public. Even if he’s joking he should have the simple common sense to know the permanent damage these types of off-the-handle statements can cause to the way a party will be publicly perceived.

Observing what I have of this situation, I do think Mr. Bloom is a deliberatae saboteur. He continues to sound off and try to publicly maintain an association of himself with the party even though he’s been shut down. If he were really concerned about the party’s future he would be quiet in the media and take his issues up with party members in private. It’s my personal opinion from all I’ve observed of this man thus far, knowing what I do about classic political counter-intelligence, that his next move will be a sentimental attempt to reconcile with the party followed by further incidents designed to make the public question the party’s professionalism then ultimately he will wait for one key moment, once the party has gained a strong enough momentum, and he will do a premeditated negative publicity generating event that will be staged to in some way offend the public so absolutely that it will be irreparable. He will do nothing more than bide his time until he can drop that bomb and tank this party once and for all. And most likely some external party he has contracted with will compensate him well for it.  It’s just too obvious to anyone who knows even the basics of political elections. We see his kind in every election.

In my personal opinion, this party needs to sever all ties with this individual and make clear with the public that it has done so. He’s like a bratty toddler who’s gotten hold of and is playing Russian roulette with the family firearms. In the interest of this party’s future self-preservation they should wish him well and encourage him to move on to more suitable personal challenges, such as organizing the next piss-up in his local brewery.

Just my 2 cents…