Yes I’ve finally moved on to a blog because it’s so hard to contain my psychobabble to one liners on Twitter. This is in regards to the recent federal govt. shut-down…It just dawned on me only a few minutes ago… that…what if this presumed party against party stand-off is in fact yet another staged drama that they will continue to give the appearance of striving so diligently to resolve yet intentionally letting ride in order to bring about a financial crash and/or “civil unrest” which would enable a much-coveted declaration of martial law to finally happen where any and all forms  of so-called “emergency contingency powers” (read: fascist power grab) could be instituted as well as potential for a dissolution of American govt in favor of the equally coveted (read: corporate imperialist) UN global govt. This may sound harsh to some of you out there who still believe everything you were taught in social studies class or who either through denial or just a maddening form of blind naivete are unable to grasp the vast extent of corruption that exists in American govt. I’m not positing this idea as something definite or proven, only asking you to entertain the possibility. Those in the know will fully understand the scope of what I”m describing here. At the same time, I’m not by any means trying to encourage hysteria or panic or any kind of radical actions, my ideas here are pure speculation, a very uncertain “what if.” At this point it’s only an exercise in critical thinking. And of course any and all of your comments are welcome.