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Personal Jesus Takes a Turn for the Noir…

Horribly macabre little story here, I’ll try to be brief and concise as possible…           Things took a turn for the worse during a client consult this afternoon when a quite nerdy man presented pictures of a “boyfriend” asking of his fidelity and whereabouts and the odds of their future together. The client appeared to be in his early 50s with an extremely sheltered life living with his mother who had just recently died and now was suddenly on his own and looking for more action. First and most obviously I broke the news to him that the love of his life was a gigolo who was playing him. He replied adamantly “How do you know that’s true?” My response: “Did you have to give him money all the time?” “Well yes, but…” “Next question…” He then relayed what for him was a tragic story that the most valuable baby Jesus statue from his personal icon collection had been mysteriously stolen, asking who did it. Answer: “your boyfriend thinking he could pawn it but it was refused by dealers as not of any market value.” “Then what did he do with it?” Answer: “inserted it into one of his client’s rectums and laughed menacingly at you.” Silence…dead silence…sound of clock ticking…                  “Next question?…” (“Reach out touch faith…”)

It doesn’t usually go this way. Usually it’s a lot more deep and profound. Psychic intel consults with Monica. Inquiries at



Women, Strength + the Illusion of Feminism…

I’ve been thinking about writing this blog post for some time now, initially provoked by my annoyance with popular YouTube culture in which if you’re self-assertive and intelligent, almost everyone automatically assumes you’re a male even if they clearly see a female name and you have to correct them. Another issue in social media is when many guys know you’re female they make a lot of assumptions that you’re so fragile in so many ways. While that may be true of a good number of women there are also those of us for whom none of this applies and is just really absurd to us. What I’m referring  to is many guys’ conceptions of what “girl” automatically implies – fragile, weak,lacks sense of humor, censor your behavior around her, isn’t “game” and can’t share the adventures – things need to be made simpler, safer and less live for her. That isn’t every woman and it’s really a big insult to treat us that way.
It was well into adult life that I finally made the realization that women with their own strength who are capable of a high level of self-defense are not having the same experience – or orientation to life – that the other women are having. Of course all of this is personal free will and the last thing I want to do here is promote any form of “divide and conquer” or sexism. Quite the opposite.
I think my main point is that in my opinion, there was a critical error in a key aspect of human consciousness where people made the assumption that strength is “not feminine” and it’s not okay for a woman to be self-assertive and strong, most especially in ability to fight. And the women who drank the Kool-Aid on this, in my opinion, are often the ones who propagate the divide and conquer useless drama
that is feminism. Feminism in my opinion, is just another trap to actually dis-empower women because it’s main emphasis is on their vulnerability. It stems from a deep-rooted anger of women who believed that self-denial, self-suppression and being fragile were the big keys to being desirable and valid. The anger comes from a sense that their boundaries have been violated – and in many cases they have – but also from this core belief that it was not okay to be strong, that this would make you “not feminine.” This type of woman feels vulnerable and has become fragile for not having asserted their own self and instincts and in the scheme of nature, has become a form of prey. When that happens most of what they will attract will be predators. The media only makes this worse, promoting only “girly girl” stupid images of women whose only purpose is being an object of vice. I firmly believe that the entire drama of what became known as feminism is fundamentally a divide and conquer product of counterintelligence. What it actually does is reinforce the concept to women that they are victims and have to be angry and on guard or maybe even sheltered and create a massive barrier of anger between the sexes, which of course is their goal.
The only way there can be good relations and fairness is for a correction to occur in human thinking that “feminine” doesn’t mean weak or fragile. It means fully being a woman but also having the strength to back it up. That’s what nature originally intended. Now of course being a woman you can honestly enjoy the special attentions and all that a man can do for you, but you also know that you are strong and self-sovereign.The suppression of that state of complete being is what brought about all forms of the corrupt patriarchy for which many persons, both male and female
have been responsible.(But then, well…yeah of course I know
that whatever ground rules people try to set about relationships
is immediately toast when big passion happens. Reason is
out the window like a used pair of panties and an empty bottle of Jack Daniels speeding down Route 66.)
A good example is a story I remember about women soldiers on detail in desert terrain who died of dehydration because they were afraid to use the latrines for fear of being assaulted but also opted not to pee outside or in a sink or container in their tents because to do so was to risk being “not feminine.”And…like…they dehydrated and died.
Someone buried their hyper-girlish bodies and played taps. I personally can’t fathom anything about these kinds of people. If it were me avoiding dehydration would be priority 1 and any possible thoughts of a need to be soft and exuding beauty -if they ever even entered my head during a time of near death at all – would be quickly out the window and I’d be hydrating one way or another. I can’t imagine anyone holding their urine for days on end then avoiding all fluids so they wouldn’t have to pee – and then just kicking it, satisfied that their femininity was fully intact. I’m sorry but this is  insanity to me and a really quick way to become road kill of natural selection. Me,
I would be going to that latrine with an attitude of zero tolerance of anything running interference in-between. I guess if push really came to shove and let’s say there was a rogue mercenary posse of alpha men recruited from San Quentin’s finest waiting to tag team me as I approached the urinal, I would go for plan B of either going outside my tent or in a container and disposing it. Not happily as I don’t easily back down, but I am also aware of the concept “Pick your battles.” But I sure as hell wouldn’t be dehydrated. These are the kinds of women who then also fall prey to the Cointelpro ruse known as feminism. Because they have so much anger at how they have repressed and compromised their own strength and aggressive powers.
Whereas if you have not lived a life of self-repression and fully are in touch with your instinctual self you have no perception of anyone at all as your “oppressor.”
Next concept: warrior women. Many men don’t realize that there is a faction of women I will call “warrior women” who are not like the most conventional stereotype of woman and have a significant level of our own strength and capacity for self-defense, in fact could well function in traditionally male combat situations if necessary. And who don’t have the issue of anger at feeling vulnerable or suppressed because we have out own strength, don’t need anyone’s protection and are quite capable in even totally hardcore situations. You’re going to need us if these psychopaths in govt.really do think they’re going to move on taking away our inalienable rights. If that really does unfold, I personally will
be in the streets fighting for our natural born liberties.
Warrior women are fully women. We’re just women who can kick ass. And all the perceptions of women as “girls” and how things have to be scaled down and made easier and protection given in reality don’t apply to us. Now of course there are those mondo big-ass guys who are anatomically stronger than us, but we can hold our own in most situations of danger and hardship. The ability to do so comes from our innate animal and reptilian resources, a certain kind of crazy – like a controlled psychosis – and what my Germanic ancestors once knew as “berserker rage.” And it’s essentially an occult power as well – the ability to draw on higher resources beyond mere physical circumstances. Add all that together and you’re good to go. I will say it’s how I myself prevailed in quite many dangerous hardcore situations I’ve faced in life. Quite honestly I don’t need anyone’s help at all in being that person not fuck with. But it’s also why
I have a well-developed moral compass – to not abuse any power.
Perhaps I’m in a less numerous demographic of women, but I’ve had
to come to terms with the truth – that I am not a coward, I do not succumb to fear and I am capable of a massive and deadly extent of rage and violence when legitimately provoked. I do what I want when I want because I don’t feel vulnerable. The idea of having to somehow rally some sort of passive aggressive neurotic posse of
lunatics to beg for social validity or political rights is entirely
not in my lexicon. I’m a spiritual bliss kitty most of the time,
but if you mess with me I’ll fuckin’ kill you. I’m a reptilian
and I own it. All the rules about how to perceive and protect
women don’t apply to me. It doesn’t make me not a woman, just
a woman who was never stupid enough to give up her primal powers.
But that’s also why I don’t hate men – or other cultures – or anyone -because I am free.
Yet social conditioning has striven to wean both men and women away from their original powers of psychosis – in order to make them controllable-
but some of us- both male and female- never drank that Kool-Aid –
never gave up our essential primal elements – and were never broken by excessive bourgeouis domestication. The way things are going in this world right now,
I’d say we made the right decision. Personally if that makes me not sufficiently girly,delicate or cute enough for some people to consider me female, I can live with that. And they can all just kiss my feminine but fully Amazon-capable ass.
One more thing to add – let me clarify that no I am not hiding
my personal information on my blogs because I’m a coward – I have
never backed down from the counter-corruption work I do. I just
got damn sick and tired of people being dispatched to kill me.
I didn’t back down from any threats or resulting actions just
got really really sick and tired of that drama and when I omitted
my personal ID infos from blogs I finally had peace.That’s my story.


Psychic Impressions on the Death of Zaha Hadid…


Out of the blue this morning, I woke to find myself having this very strange totally unexpected dream about the death of late Iraqi London based architect Zaha Hadid. This was not anything that had been remotely on my mind in any way, purely a random phenomenon,
but my personal history with these types of experiences is usually extremely accurate so I went further online trying to vet it all out. What made me decide to at least publish this to blog was the main gist of my vision hit dead on with what I later learned to be her place of death, a hospital in Miami. My dream showed me that she died by a lethal injection to the left carotid artery – that’s the one in the neck, right? And that a male unidentified to her caught her off guard and it happened too fast for her to react sufficiently. My dream emphasized that this was deliberate murder and in fact at the hands of people she knew or knew peripherally. She did not know the man who did it, my dream emphasized her being cornered, caught unawares and certainly not accustomed as some of us are to unexpected visitors requiring the potential fielding of hand-to-hand combat.
When I put the pieces together with the actual hospital scene, clearly it was an operative posing as a doctor who she did not know or recognize and was wary of intuitively but too groggy and taken off guard to react enough – and likely had some part of herself telling her to chill out it was probably a legitimate medical treatment, being in the hospital and all…But it wasn’t. She was killed. It was premeditated and at the hands of people she would never suspect to be her enemies. It could be an injection as we now see so much emphasis from those doing the covering up that it was a respiratory infection and it’s so so common for that to result in heart attack and “abnormalities to veins and arteries.” Much like a lethal injection or maybe microwave weapon does – and then looks remarkably like natural causes. Obviously I’m no forensic expert but I do know of the existence of hand-held microwave weapons that stop the heart and are undetectable by autopsy – they appear as a natural heart attack – and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how if it was an injection this could be easily passed off among her usual treatments in-hospital also requiring injections. I would also speculate that she might have first been poisoned at a dinner party where something was slipped in her food to trigger her asthma and promote respiratory problems but it didn’t succeed in killing her so another more direct attempt was made. I’d also speculate that maybe she had been slipped something like foxglove, a plant that can be both medicinal and poisonous containing the medication digitalis which could have easily began to attack her heart and respiratory sytem.foxglove
Reference on the toxicity of foxglove:

First of all I will preface this by saying that any ideas ascribed to her by me are purely my own psychic impressions and not necessarily an endorsement by her. On some level, however I do think she wants to get this through so I’m giving it a go and making an effort to the best of my ability to get the details right. This whole thing just sort of fell from the sky at me and seemed like a total lark to investigate but the more I did so, the clearer it seemed to be and the more real it became and the more sure I felt about it. I think she was reluctant to make contact with me but could make no other effective connection at this time and decided to test me first. When I was able to start with the basic details and she was sure it would not be skewed or exploited or misinterpreted then suddenly it just seemed to crystallize. Like she doesn’t trust anyone until she can trust them absolutely then if so she is a friend for life.I would say that her closest friends will also eventually receive her communications when they are open to it.
First and foremost, I think the main reason for her being eliminated was she was ultimately going to blow the whistle on what appears to be yet another multi-tiered Middle East resources and land take-over plot I would guess involved Mossad, US, UK + Saudi Arabia (Who else would you think – Tasmania?) And she knew too much, probably initially due to her getting contracts for buildings involving security and intelligence and various operatives and her eventually putting together the clues. I think she felt a deep obligation to further investigate or at least inform on this as it potentially involved her own homeland. I think she came to find out increasingly more information about these potential future operations and who was involved and even details about art and other artifacts being stolen from the Middle East and made to look like the covert operation “ISIS” did it. She was not looking to play James Bond and not at all comfortable in this ouvre but increasingly feeling a need to involve others who might help. On the other hand, she had also gotten herself deeply involved in big business with the types of oligarchs and mob syndicates who were backers and in many ways was not in control and could be in peril for crossing them. She got into this young and eager to advance her work and had no profound understanding of what she was involving herself in – until it was too late – and then she had to play by their rules. Then they ended up connecting her to her own destruction. I also saw that after she died there were operatives wearing all black who went to her residences and office and gallery, etc. to try to recover intel and any evidence of what she might have known and who her associates were. I distinctly saw this tall man in all black with spiky black hair, shades, leather jacket and boots with slightly bowed long legs doing this distinct lope up the steps of what I think was her office, posing as a deliverer. Also I think possibly she wanted more money and someone didn’t want to give it to her. I would speculate that maybe there could have been potential legal action around some of this that various parties wanted to eliminate.

I believe she was quickly intercepted in death by her mother to a safe and sound station or dimension in the afterlife where others of her past family also exist. Her mother wanted her to return to them to be safe and removed from what she considered evil and corruptive influences and even before her death was in some way calling her back. Because once you ally with these sorts of elements there is no breaking free except in death. Her family is at peace but she is not. She is angry and being an individual very much involved in the occult arts, determined to get her fair vengeance on those she knows
were involved. What I perceive of her is she can be sweet and a very shy sensitive soul and very kind to those close to her, but equally so someone you don’t want to cross.And she was often in a position of having to be very careful of who to trust. At an earlier time when she was young she even, for a time, entertained the idea of being an actor or performer but she was also unusually good at math for a girl at that time and it was an older lover, possibly a Greek or Roman type of man?, who saw her potential and taught her himself. He was also part of this group of souls of hers that began in ancient Greece. Her mother originally protested what seemed to be a radical life her daughter was pursuing but decided to support her fulfilling her dreams.

Also a major factor is that her life moved just too fast ahead and overwhelmed her but she felt she had to either keep pace or fail. Creatively she had the world at her fingertips, personally in other ways her life wasn’t her own. It all just suddenly sped ahead of the game and she had to either be game or drop out. She certainly didn’t get to control all the variables.
As it stands she will move on to the afterlife with her loved ones but not before she gets her revenge. Those who this involves know who they are. Lastly I think she is saying that she had a younger male lover who was a secret and also some form of apprentice who knows who he is and who she wants to communicate spiritually with if he’s open and certainly he’s well able to do so. He knows who he is. Perhaps they might even collaborate together in new architecture, her now being his muse from the cosmic plane.

Ultimately she aims to recover something essential to her higher mind/spirit there then reincarnate to be creative again from this new equilibrium and potential free entirely of the negative elements that had been her obstacles. It seems she will eventually return as a young girl prodigy born to young parents who is given scholarships and opportunities from those who can facilitate her creativity in a much more enlightened way. She does feel frustrated at having even more vision and potential now from the other more cosmic side yet can’t be here right now to express it but she is also optimistic that she now clearly sees her highest path ahead of her and that it is attainable. As this progression moves forward, she seems to be moving beyond her anger and becoming more optimistic at seeing the potentials of her highest path.She had past lives in ancient Greece that were the first biggest spark of her talents but encountered similar obstacles that she is now coming to understand how she can finally transcend. Zaha and her mother began in ancient Greece and seem to have a close twins-like relationship most uncannily compared to that of Persephone/Demeter.

I didn’t know her personally yet later after beginning this vision recalled I actually did have one fleeting interaction with her once online. She was getting a lot of flack from some elements of the public that a stadium she designed looked too much like a vagina.
Of course this was a lot of sour grapes by envious people doing their usual smear attacks on others, but she was upset about it.
So she participated in some sort of charity event where she designed a Christmas ornament, maybe hoping to demonstrate some creative versatility and get stupid peoples’ minds off this really inane controversy. I just happened to see it and not in any mean-spirited way and certainly meaning no ill will, I just off the cuff reacted that in fact it looks even MORE like a vagina and pointed out that is specifically has lips and even what could well pass for a clitoris and maybe it was green because of a yeast infection – or some such silliness. I mean, you could look at it in one quick sweeping way and maybe see it as a modernist abstract of an evergreen or lantern or something like that, but if you noticed the vantage point from the hole in the center, well…I didn’t mean this at all critically, just factually, like a passing observation and obviously didn’t think anyone of her scope would react anymore than to brush it off. So basically it was a moment of her thinking I’m a major asshole but then a double-take like “Oh shit!” I was right and she was seeking solace from exasperated young design firm assistants who were reassuring her of her innovativeness. So…well…Zaha if I pissed you off on that bad hair day long ago maybe this is my way of making it up to you, whatever it’s all worth.

Actually from my vision I think her circular hole imagery was more like unconsciously seeking a portal, a new doorway or path to a higher dimension where she could recover all of her highest essence and in all ways extricate herself from those negative elements she had inadvertently been compromised with.
As many do, I certainly wish her happy trails.

(Below is the ornament by the way – form your own judgement.)


Document Proves EU a Nazi Conception…


MUST READ PDF: exact copy of a 1942 Third Reich publication envisioning the EU – then known as the EEC (European Economic Committee) as the means toward a colonial non-democratic European
superstate under German dominion. The document is called
Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft.
Read it here:

Some examples of topics outlined in this document:
*Strategy to gradually strip member states of their sovereignty
incorporating them as colonies in a centralized totalitarian
eventually global superstate.

*Discussion of the New World Order and plans to collapse the global economy by design and eliminate capitalism and the free market for a German-controlled neo-feudalist colonial superstate.

* Expediting centralized government,courts, intelligence and military
to effectively gain control.

And more…read for yourself in the link above. Putting the pieces together doesn’t require a background in rocket science to conclude that the so-called European think tank is one in the same as the Nazi playbook.

I Had a Dream/Vision of David Bowie in the Afterlife…

Just a quick note here…I don’t mean this in any type of sensationalist attention-seeking way, just matter-of-fact observation…but when I fell asleep earlier today and was in an altered state, obviously somewhere on the astral plane, I unintentionally had a quick fleeting sighting of David Bowie.
Here it is…
I was in my own dream of some kind and making my way back to my life and just happened to walk across this very large nightclub. I was far in the back and had no reason to try to cut through the large crowd and try to make contact, I just observed the scene like “okay that’s cool…” Bowie was bar tending at this very large neon bar and just joking around with other people working behind the bar. It was a really glitzy overblown but fun environment and apparently somewhere that was like a holding zone for him as he hopes to reincarnate but it’s not his time to do so. He appeared about 36 and as he planned to in a future life which was very similar but a much bigger guy. He was like 6’2-6’4″ tall and bigger but still very limber like a dancer. His hair was this sort of neon strawberry blonde, but otherwise very much the same. He was wearing a black leather jacket and these sort of Aladdin type pants. He was mixing drinks and joking around with people and that was it, I just walked past and happened to observe it. But it was very vivid and real, when
you get these things you just feel this intuitive “knowing.”
But it wasn’t a big deal. One other observation was that he seemed really happy and glad that he broke free from some mafia-like element that was putting the lean on him in business for a very long time and destroying him – had to be why he got sick. So the main message I got from this scene was he was trying to return to a younger more innocent time where he was happy and more creative and was determined not to lose that again. Like he didn’t care anymore about big money or fame – wasn’t going to pay that kind of price again. And he likes to mingle with many different kinds of people – it’s where he gets a lot of inspiration. Also, in afterthought I get the impression that he left some kind of video explaining and naming the corrupt parties he had to free himself from but this was not given to his wife or family for their safety and they most likely don’t know about it at all but to a trusted handler and it maybe released at some later time when it’s safe for his loved ones. Whoever has it is someone not known to be associated with him at all, not even known to be a friend, and so it will never be found.I think the reason he grew increasingly more ill was the more he became aware of the evil organization that was his patron who he had to comply with, the more he could not be part of it and because he was so trapped in this life by this secret society, his life began to pull away from this dimension and go to another where he could be free and recreate himself and be creative again and where he would no longer be endangering his wife and family who he expects will at a later time reconnect with him in this new dimension. I now get a message that he is referring to the music biz as “a very glamorous slaughterhouse” – in other words, the artists are exploited and destroyed for others profits and in fact become its victims, that they “are consumed then slaughtered like livestock, no difference except for the costumes.” And that he felt he had no choice but to leave for the safety of the people close to him. Now I see he also has a lot of rage about this. Clearly he was being coerced, threatened and blackmailed but fortunately is now free. I think I understand how this communication happened. When I saw the Darkstar videos I was thinking that for sure it’s admirable that someone could do a really involved record from their deathbed at an old age, but that I found it really creepy and lame – just more Illuminati demonic pseudo-half-ass-occult wanna-be and surely he’d know better. Now I do believe the whole thing was coerced from him. Maybe he picked up my thoughts in the collective unconscious – or superconscious – or whatever – and wanted to comment somewhere to the public on his deeper thoughts and feelings. Of course I only present this as my interpretation, something I perceived – but anyone who knows me knows I’m no slacker in getting things like this right on the money. All I can say is… take it as you will, make your own judgement on it. But I feel very sure in saying he doesn’t endorse or affiliate himself with the dark side. I think he complied to be sure no one hurt his wife or family after his passing.
I also saw one of my dead cats but skipped that here as it may be a lot less interesting.

Later note: I think I figured out why he was shown bartending –
it meant he had totally overcome alcoholism and drug addiction –
he could be there in that setting now because it had absolutely no more hold on him.

Even later note: As I said my dream was just a very quick observational dream, describing an overview of the situation, not specifically a direct communication. I’m now wondering if the “dimension” shown could have been still in THIS life, like did he fake his death and do so to get out of his contracts with these people, like maybe an agreement where they’d let him out of his contract or further engagements if he’d pull this kind of stunt which would be far more profitable plus increase other sales from a public now nostalgic and emotional. And could his altered appearance in my dream have symbolized identity change? And that he still did it to be rid of anymore business obligations with these people and to keep his family safe – and after his actual death more would be revealed? Could that be why my dream showed him waiting for his loved ones to join him? Not necessarily in the afterlife but in a remote location still here? Could his thoughts described in my dream be true and the very same reasons he would have faked a death – to get out of it all and protect the people closest to him, making a deal they’d profit from immensely so agreed to let him out as he had become “worth more dead than alive?” For all we know he could continue to produce other music they could release calling it archives. Or maybe he just wanted out. I’m less sure on this one – really it was just a quick fleeting dream of symbolism, not a direct communication.

Sam Cam’s Mysterious Vacation Body Language

Just a short reference taking a look at “Sam Cam”‘s peculiar
vacation body language, which to my first guess had to be some sort of obscure Masonic gesture I’d never seen before – as is often the norm in such public displays, but upon further research online I discovered it to unanimously from all sources be classic body language for lying, or rather subconsciously shielding oneself from the blowback resulting from lying. Gosh I can’t imagine how that would come into play in a Cameron drama! Here’s a typical example

4. The Ear Grab

When we’re children and our parents are having a go at us, we probably put our hands over our ears in attempt to stop hearing what our parents were saying. This is very similar to that. When adults lie, they may tug on their ear a little in an attempt to stop themselves from hearing the lie that they are telling.


Just a bit of cheap armchair quasi-psychology.Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Ninja Invisibility in My Own Backyard?…




I’ll try to make this as concise as possible…I’ve got a strange unexplained phenomenon to report. I didn’t even get to my usual Obama state of the union rant because I was pre-occupied with what had just happened. … My friend and I had just returned from grocery shopping and had pulled up and I was about to get out and bring in the bags when we saw this very big guy wearing all black – including black eskimo jacket and boots – appear and go to the side of the front porch. I assumed this must be a new tenant from a basement apartment coming out to get better cell phone reception and decided to wait till he left because we have a thief or thieves in this building – leave anything unattended for a minute or two and it will most likely be gone. We waited a few but he never left so I gave up and was thinking on how to relay them all at once in plain sight – when I looked and…no one was there at all. What we had seen was very definitely a live person – absolutely tangible and carnal – not a ghost, vision or even remote acid flashback. It was a big eskimo clad guy and we both saw the same thing. There is a large very visible front door that creaks loudly – our eyes were watching the whole time – had he gone in, we’d have seen and heard it. And the front yard was white snow – if he moved anywhere in proximity in any direction we’d have seen it. He never left then was simply not there at all. We’re both sitting there like “WTF?”…There was no rational explanation for what happened. Like, was this some sort of human yeti time traveler? I doubt it. Some sort of ninja operative or sniper using hi-tech invisibility technology? I doubt that too.
I don’t even think that’s been perfected yet. And I know that we were both entirely of sound mind and not hallucinating. There is just no solid explanation. Damn…I hate when that happens!